Bagpipes add a unique touch to any wedding. Whether they are used to greet guests or playing the bride down the aisle, your wedding will surely be remembered.

They may be used with great effect in all aspects of the wedding. Below are some suggestions on how to incorporate the bagpipe into your wedding.

Prelude - Provide background music as guests arrive to the wedding to help set the mood for the event.

Processional - Playing for the bride as she walks down the aisle to a slow march. The piper can stand off to the side, behind or lead the bride down the aisle for great effect.

Recessional - An upbeat Jig/Reel is often played as the couple is announced to lead them back down the aisle.

Contact me for a list of my repertoire and audio samples.

I will require several minutes prior to the performance in order to adequately tune the instrument. As a result, I am unable to cater to "surprise" performances for weddings. I will arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the event.